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Título: BuildGDX - 1.06
Publicado por: BOT69 en Diciembre 22, 2019, 03:30:34 am
Bueno, en vista de que el Port dejó de ser sólo de Blood, pongo este tema en su lugar.
Cita de: Changelog"
v1.06 (20 December 2019)
1. BuildGDX
   1. Software some crashes fixed
   2. ViewToTile optimization
   3. FOV increased to 140
   4. (5 : 4) resolutions support
   5. loadPic crash fixed
2. PowerslaveGDX
    1. FuncPlayer "ERROR in Ken's linked list!" fixed
    2. FuncScorp crashes fixed
    3.GrabMap pickup fixed
    4. Subtitles to intro movie added
    5. Grenade bug fixes
3. BloodGDX
   1. ROR distorsion sound fix
   2. actDamageSprite lifeleech fix
   3. Spiders autoaim
   4. Crash fixes
4. RedneckGDX
   1. Lose weapons going from Sunny Shores to Gamblin Boat is fixed
5. WitchavenGDX
   1. Enemy selfdamage don't affect to player health

v1.05 (13 December 2019)
1. Powerslave/Exhumed game
2. Polymost floor background fix
3. Sprite's texture loading algorithm has been changed
4. Other BuildGDX minor changes

v1.04 (13 September 2019)
1. BuildGdx has been updated to Libgdx 1.9.10
2. Software renderer
3. New renderer settings, switchable renderers
4. Sounds update thread tweaked (fixed Duke's and RR's sound looping issue)
5. Resolution empty list when the game starts without launcher fix
6. New filecache system (not affecting the games)
7. New precache loading screen
8. Defscript tilefromtexture
9. The launcher is forcing portable mode if the "portable" file found
10. Loading config file at Linux has been fixed
11. Game thread timer fix (game speed is stable now)
12. Gamepad uses JInput library now
13. Polymost sprite depth tweak (issue at the RRRA E1M1)
14. Mipmaps doesn't load with nearest filters now
15. Menu_cancel joy's key can close the menu now
16. Config file has own version, older configs will be renamed to .bak
17. New internal resources format (Widescreen tiles, mouse cursor etc.)
18. HRP md3 models loading fix
19. Autoload is looking for gamename.def files instead of zipname.def
20. BloodGdx:
   1. SEQ tiles support has been increased to 32767 tiles
   2. The latest queue's event after load game fix
   3. Cutscenes searching algorithm tweak - it supports absolute file paths now.
   4. CrouchToggle button tweak
   5. ROR sound distorsion fix
   6. Player can pickup weapons and items with infinity ammo cheat
   7. Some crash fixes and NoOne's code
21. DukeGdx:
   1. DukeGdx can play an original demos now
   2. CrouchToggle button tweak
   3. Cutscenes skip message's font tweak
22. RedneckGdx:
   1. Gamblin' Boat's (RRRA E2M2) button issue has been fixed
   2. CrouchToggle button tweak
   3. Cutscenes skip message's font tweak
   4. RRRA intro movie is almost supporting
   5. Console text scale support
   6. Motorcycle and boat the lookaround feature has been returned
23. TekwarGdx: You can skip the intro cutscenes now


v1.03 (17 May 2019)
1. Gamepad sensitivity increased
2. Fps limit increased
3. Gamepad menu keys tweak
4. Updatable file browser
5. Config's file settings sorted
6. Hires textures load fix
7. BloodGdx v0.952
   7.1. Custom difficulty fix
   7.2. Gamepad running fix
   7.3. CrouchMode tweak
   7.4. Akimbo powerup will save in next level when vanilla mode in enabled
   7.5. CrystallBall in addons crash fix
   7.6. Crash fixes
8. DukeGdx and RedneckGdx v1.01
   8.1.Invert mouse fix
   8.2.CONfile extract requiring is disabled
   8.3.Addon like game.con save fix
   8.4.Crash fixes
9. TekwarGdx v0.951
   9.1. Turn speed fix

v1.02 (24 April 2019)
1. Crash fixes
2. Improved interpolation in multiplayer
3. Improved check addons algorithm in multiplayer (BloodGdx, DukeGdx, RedneckGdx)
4. BuildGdx has a version number now (current is 19.04)
5. DukeGdx v1.00
6. RedneckGdx v1.00
   6-1. Weapon drop after dead in multiplayer fixed
   6-2. RRRA E1L1 destruct wall in secret place fixed
   6-3. Moving door after load game fixed
   6-4. Quick pee don't resurrect the player anymore
   6-5. FakeBubba after load game fixed
   6-6. Added end cutscene in RRRA
7. TekwarGdx
   7.1 - Added extra cutscenes to intro
8. BloodGdx
   8-1. Shareware version supported
   8-2. Gamepad keys saving fix
   8-3. CutsceneA in 4th episode fix

v1.01 (29 March 2019)
1. BuildFont draw non-standart symbols crash fix
2. BloodGDX v0.950
    2-1. Load zip UserEpisodes in subfolders fix
    2-2. SlopeTilt reset after load game fix
    2-3. HiRes texture rescaling fix
    2-4. Def "mainmenu" music script can use midi
    2-5. Custom voxels rotate fix
    2-6. Enemies shadow orientation fix
    2-7. Palette exception for cultists in color xsectors
    2-8. Sprites drawing behind mirror fix
3. WitchavenGDX v0.951
   3-1. Def-script loading fix

v1.00 (16 March 2019)
1. Smacker SMK4 file format support
2. You can choose soundfont (sf2 or dls) in game settings
3. Config file format changed (
4. TekwarGDX v0.950
   4-1. Mouse in menu
   4-2. Cutscenes have sounds now
   4-3. New game loop
   4-4. New OpenAL version 1.18.1 with resampler filter
   4-5. Libgdx framwork updated to 1.9.8
        4-6. Load/Save slots increased to 9999
   4-7. Load/Save game delete feature
   4-8. Overhead map settings: full only, overlay only, full and overlay
   4-9. Damage/Pickup effect tweak
   4-10. Pause key stopping music and sounds now
   4-11. New screenshots filename
   4-12. New gamepad controlles handler by aybe
   4-13. New keyboard setup menu, reset to classic keys and default "wsad" keys
5. WitchavenGDX v0.950
   5-1. Pause key stopping music and sounds now
   5-2. Damage/Pickup effect tweak
   5-3. Fps text scale in Interface menu
   5-4. Joystick menu position fix
   5-5. Cutscenes have sounds now
   5-6. Victory screen with sounds now
   5-7. Menu has music and sounds
   5-8. Add keys on each potions
   5-9. HUD and crosshair scale
   5-10. Color correction save fix
   5-11. Midi music fix